Agriculture Experience

Legacy Ag Group utilizes its “hands-on” agriculture experience to provide a broad range of management support and consulting services to its clients. These clients include owners and operators of dryland and irrigated farms, ranches, and recreational properties. Since 2003, Legacy has been working side by side with its clients to develop and implement management plans, establish financial forecasts, monitor variances from cost and revenue budgets, and make day-to-day management decisions.

Legacy’s agriculture experience provides a solid foundation to connect buyers and sellers. Sellers rely on Legacy’s experience for assistance in evaluating their property and performing enhancements that add value. Legacy’s experience assures buyers of comprehensive property searches and thorough, detailed due diligence investigations.

Legacy Ag Group’s roots are underpinned by its founder, Jodie Rapp, who grew up in the agriculture business as part of the fourth generation of a Texas Panhandle farming and ranching family. He knows and loves the agriculture industry and has been involved as an owner in several agriculture businesses over many years. His reputation and many industry connections play an important role in attracting outside professionals and industry specialists needed to complete Legacy teams. He leads Legacy’s participation as an active member of many land and resource professional organizations, ensuring a continuing effort to improve knowledge and maintain the company’s market presence.

Business Experience

The Legacy Ag Group organization is unique, offering much more than extensive agricultural experience – it also offers extensive business experience. Legacy Ag Group’s founder Jodie Rapp brings an extensive background in national and international business to the Legacy organization. Having performed in both the private commercial and government sectors, this background includes management and operating experience in a number of industries, including large-scale heavy engineering construction, management software systems, and other small privately held businesses. Legacy utilizes project management and other methodologies developed in these businesses to maintain a structured, attention-to-detail approach, and consistently produce high-quality results.


Proven Processes

A primary benefit of the unique combination of agriculture experience and business experience is Legacy Ag Group’s ability to deliver a complete portfolio of best practices for agriculture industry transactions. These “best practice” processes represent well-designed and proven ways to deliver successful results for a buyer or a seller of rural property. They cover all aspects regarding the transaction: For a Buyer from the careful selection process of a due diligence team to the detailed financial projections all the way to the post-sale support process; and for a Seller from a unique value enhancement process (to help maximize sales value) to the professional and experienced presentation skills and sales process. Proven processes flow out of the combination of Legacy’s agriculture experience and business experience, and its on-going management and consulting activities. These processes are the critical component to minimizing risks on each land broker transaction.

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