Agriculture in action

Every buyer of a farm or ranch wants to locate and buy the right property for the desired purpose at the right price. There is significant risk to every potential property buyer for something to not go “right”. The components of the Legacy brand mitigate this risk. Our team offers decades of agricultural experience and business experience, along with an entire portfolio of proven processes, to assist each buyer. We invite you to consider using Legacy as your broker for your next property purchase.

Property Acquisition Program

Legacy Ag Group’s Property Acquisition Program consists of multiple components that together form a complete, comprehensive acquisition process. Detailed below, these components are individually tailored to address the specific objectives and goals of each transaction.


  • Customer Background Review
  • Objectives
  • Property Characteristics Defined
  • Timetable(s) / Schedule(s)
  • Comparison Rating Sheet
  • Activities Schedule – Monitor, update & distribute to interested parties frequently
    (Includes responsibility assignments & scheduled completion dates)


  • Develop “Key Contacts” List
  • Search Activities (Phone, Web Crawlers, Filters, Etc)
  • Potential Properties – Initial Analysis
  • Periodic Reviews / Adjustments
  • Reporting (See Report Details)


  • Contract Offer Prepare / Submit
  • Support / Advice during offer & counteroffer processes

DUE DILIGENCE (Interim Between Contract & Close) more »

  • Financial Forecast(s)
  • Records Review
  • Identify, Establish Scopes of Work & Coordinate specialized consultants
    (Includes Legal, Financial, Oil & Gas, Water Rights, Wind, Solar, etc)
  • Solicit Tenant(s) / Other Revenue Sources – Negotiate related (contingent) agreements


  • Coordinate Closing Activities
    (Assist & Coordinate – Legal Team / Closing Statement / Inspections & Warranties / Survey / Title Work / Insurance)
  • Activities Schedule – Monitor, update & distribute to interested parties frequently
    (Includes responsibility assignments & scheduled completion dates)


  • Appraisal District Filings (Ownership, Agriculture Use Tax Exemptions, Etc)
  • USDA / FSA
  • Utilities / Insurance Transition
  • Tenants Transition
  • Other Support Services (See Management / Management Support Program)

The Legacy team applies its seasoned experience in the operation of farms and ranches to every engagement. Team members, driven by diligent homework and timely communication, perform financial projection and due diligence activities wisely and tirelessly to complete a successful purchase. And, sellers can always trust that Legacy will conduct an acquisition process that is professional, organized and full of integrity for all involved parties.

Top 3 questions Buyers should have answered

BEFORE retaining a Broker

  • Does the broker “understand my acquisition objectives”?More »
    Does the broker have experience evaluating and operating agricultural properties?
    To successfully locate a property capable of meeting the Buyer’s objectives, the broker must fully understand the physical characteristics and production capabilities necessary to produce the desired results. Additionally, the broker’s willingness & ability to contribute management support after the acquisition significantly affects continuity during the post-sale process of transferring operations and the degree to which long-term goals will be met.
  • Does the broker have the skills to “locate the desired property”?More »
    Does the broker possess necessary industry presence and property search capabilities?
    A strong industry presence, reliable search mechanisms, and the ability to assemble a high quality Acquisition Team are assets a broker must have for a successful property search. Once candidate properties are selected, the broker’s agriculture and business experience come into play as the process moves to negotiating the best price and most favorable purchase terms for the client.
  • Does the Broker have the skills to “close the deal”?More »
    Does the Broker have the agricultural experience and business background to manage and coordinate a comprehensive evaluation effort?
    The Broker’s ability to oversee activities associated with the due diligence process is of utmost importance. This insures that all aspects of the property’s characteristics and production capabilities, as well as their effect on the property after acquisition, are fully understood before proceeding with closing.
    Can the broker effectively manage and coordinate the transaction closing process?
    An “in-depth” understanding of these activities, along with proven processes to deal with them, is essential for achieving the Buyer’s ultimate goal of acquiring a property that will live up to its expected potential.


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