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Every seller of a farm or ranch wants to realize maximum value for their property in a timely manner. Legacy Ag Group combines decades of agricultural and business experience with an entire portfolio of proven processes to provide sales efforts that assure these objectives are met. We invite you to consider using Legacy as your broker for the sale of your property.

Property Marketing and Sales Program

Legacy Ag Group’s Marketing and Sales Program consists of components that together form a complete, comprehensive marketing and sales process. Detailed below, these components are individually tailored to address the specific objectives and goals of each transaction.


  • Information Assembly Plan (Develop & Impelment)
  • Key Contacts Listing
  • Ownership Records Review
  • Production Records Review
  • Financial Performance Review
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Opinion of Value


Certain characteristics of a property sometimes have significant value that is not readily apparent at first look. Examples are subsurface water, mineral ownership, easements, selected maintenance work, and potential capital improvements. Legacy has a proven track record of recognizing such characteristics, and conducting specialized projects to determine & subsequently demonstrate their full value – enhancing customers’ property value and salability.

MARKETING PLAN (Develop & Implement) more »

  • Develop Property Profile (Brochure / Website Presentations)
  • Market Assessment / Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Advertise

SALES PLAN (Develop & Implement) more »

  • Engage Prospective Buyers / Property Pressentations
  • Review Offers & Coordinate Offer/Counteroffer process
  • Negotiation Assistance


  • Establish “Activities Schedule” (Monitor, update & distribute)
  • Coordinate Closing Activities

The Legacy team applies its seasoned presentation skills and professional sales approach to every engagement. Team members, driven by diligent homework and timely communication, perform marketing and sales activities wisely and tirelessly to complete a successful sale. And, sellers can always trust that Legacy will conduct a sales process that is professional, organized and full of integrity for both parties.

Top 3 questions Sellers should have answered

BEFORE retaining a Broker

  • Does the broker “understand my property”? more »
    Does the broker have experience in operation of agricultural properties?
    A comprehensive understanding of the property’s physical characteristics, in combination with its production capabilities, is crucial for a broker to be able to accurately determine the highest attainable value for the property. This is an essential first step towards a successful listing and the sale of a farm or ranch property.
  • Does the broker have the skills to “find the right buyer”? more »
    Does the broker possess necessary industry presence, marketing, and sales capabilities?
    Development of a quality marketing presentation that effectively communicates the property’s attributes and its value is an essential element of a successful marketing effort. Industry exposure and contacts necessary to reach the target market, coupled with salesmanship skills that effectively engage prospective buyers, also play an important role in the sale process of a property.
  • Does the broker have the skills to “close the sale”? more »
    Does the Broker have the agricultural experience & business background to assure the Buyer’s due diligence questions are fully addressed?
    The Broker’s ability to respond timely and accurately to the Buyer’s due diligence questions is of utmost importance. This assures that the property’s characteristics and production capabilities are presented in the most favorable manner, and minimizes the possibility that the sale will fail to be consummated due to misunderstanding.
    Can the broker effectively manage and coordinate the transaction closing process?
    An “in-depth” understanding of the aforementioned activities, along with reliable procedures to deal with them, is essential for achieving the Seller’s ultimate goal of realizing maximum value for his property.


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