8,000.00 acres Texas


  • County:Multiple Panhandle Counties
  • Acres:8,000.00
  • State/Zip:Texas


The Gossett Farm and Ranch operation stretches across several counties in the Texas Panhandle. It consists primarily of high quality farmland and improved pastureland – mostly sprinkler irrigated. The property’s successful, long-running operation has involved production of a wide variety of crops over the years, including peanuts, corn, wheat, and seed milo.

An integrated cattle-grazing program enhances the farm operation’s efficiency substantially. The “Ranch” portion of the property is fully developed with permanent fencing, grass traps (drinking water in each trap), and complete working facilities. Irrigated wheat, Bermuda, and bluestem grasses provide abundant grazing and yield impressive weight gains - in most cases throughout entire calendar years.

Legacy Ag Group has provided a wide variety of management and management support services to the Gossett operation over the years. These services have included cost & production analysis, preparation of forecasts and related financial planning, preparation and negotiation of farm and building tenant lease agreements, management of equipment purchase and sale processes, coordination of USDA (FSA/NRCS/SAM) programs, capital improvement programs, and administration of insurance claims and settlements.

Additionally, Legacy has served Gossett companies as both Seller Representative and Buyer Representative in a number of complex real estate transactions - performing extensive due diligence analysis and support work, and participating in negotiation processes.


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